Commodore Books is the first and only black literary press in western Canada.




Praise for Fred Booker's Adventures in Debt Collection.

"The stories speak subtly to the power of collective action. They meditate on the place of the individual in multiple social contexts -- ethnicity, gender, field of employment, personal and collective histories -- of contemporary life in Western Canada. They are also fun and memorable. This is an auspicious debut for an eminently welcome literary project."

Charles Demers, "Tale of a 'Bad White Black Man'" The Tyee


"...these are subtle mediations on growing up black in Canada... [Fred Booker] is a refreshing addition to the scene."

Clint Burnham, "New Presses, New Voices" Vancouver Sun



Praise for Crawford Kilian's Go Do Some Great Thing:

"... an excellent read... all of it presented with taste and style."

BC Studies



Praise for Addena Sumter-Freitag's Stay Black and Die.

"…a great piece of writing –funny, moving, unsettling, and beautiful.. It’s brilliant!"

Anne Fleming, The Georgia Straight


"Stay Black & Die gives voice to Silent Lives. Addena Sumter-Freitag exposes the pain of racism in a powerfully personal way"

Terry McCluskey, Up Here Magazine


"A Northern Star shining in the East."

Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette


The Word on Commodore Books.

"In the whole history of Western Canada, there's never been a book-publishing enterprise owned and operated by black people. Nor has one Prairie or B.C. press ever devoted itself solely to putting black stories and literature between covers and distributing the results.... Vernon will be bringing the cutting edge of identity politics to Commodore Books, whereas Compton is likely to provide a gifted researcher's endless stream of crucial arcana ... SFU professor David Chariandy looks to add a panoramic knowledge of Afro-Canadian literature to Commodore's emerging assets. They're a high-powered trio, all in all."

Lyle Neff, "Books of a Different Colour," Vancouver Courier